The official online store MLCenter provides free shipping in America by Boxberry / DHL courier service. The delivery time of the goods to the shopping mall is 1 day, in case of ordering the goods until 13:00.

Delivery to other countries is carried out by courier services as agreed by the parties.

There is no minimum order amount.

Payment methods

Cashless payments

To carry out a non-cash payment, inform the manager by phone or by e-mail. Next, you will be billed for payment by bank transfer. Billing is possible for both legal entities and individuals. The invoice can be issued with or without VAT, at the request of the customer.

By bank card online

Payment by credit card is possible online when placing an order through the website, regardless of the delivery method.

Cash upon receipt of the order

Cash on delivery method is valid within America

Payment for the order using methods other than cash payment must be made within 24 hours from the date of its placement. If no payment is made within 24 hours and the buyer does not get in touch, the order is assigned the “canceled” status and the product is put up for sale. Do not pay for canceled orders, they cannot be restored. In the future, if necessary, create a new order.